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        Company Profile

        Technological Services+ Talents Services

               Established in 2010, Zhuhai HANDI Automatic Equipment Co., Ltd. has been engaging in the machinery processing automation and taking processing automation and information digitalization as the starting point and development orientation. By processing sets of manufacturing systems surrounding the machinery processing automation, it provides its clients with machinery tool automation-related fixtures, robots, automatic logistics systems, grippers and sets of solutions of flexible management software. The company has provided its clients in electronic industry, medical industry, mold industry, elevator industry and auto industry with over 400 sets of robots automatic systematic solutions successfully.  

                 Zhuhai HANDI, as the provider for robots automatic system integration, maintains a batch of designing, developing, sales and engineering service personnel with rich experience. Dedicated to realizing the high flexibility and low costs automatic manufacturing level for industry of the country, it plans for its clients and implements its clients with full sets of robots automatic system solutions, and provides the comprehensive services as technological consultation, projects planning, programs designing, system simulation, production adjustment , personnel trainng and equipment delivery.

        Our advantages

        Ateam with 20 years of experience in robots technology application.

        ZhuhaiHANDI maintains comprehensive talents in machine tool processing, robotstechnology, non-standard design and systematic integration who have

        beendedicated to providing its clients with systematic solutions for over 20 years.


        The Nanny-type Clients Service Concepts

        Havingbeen expanding the robots technological application talents cultivationmechanism with higher vocational schools in the country for ten years, we haverich talents reserve and have transported over 200 talents in robots technologyapplication to enterprises, guaranteeing the enterprises’ talents appeal forproficient operation and maintenance after the project delivery.


        One-stopSystematic Solutions

        Byemploying the advanced simulation software, the mechanical designing team andthe software development team implement simultaneously to comprehensivelyguarantee the combination of robots automation and in-depth informationprocessing, providing our clients with the systematic projects of the best costperformance has been our target and mission.


        All in Control

        Theproduction management is easier than ever. Our software allows you to controlyour production resources, orders, digital control procedures and toolspresetting, etc.

        Products’ Services
        with the basis of talents and technology, to create best products and services
        Service Projects

        It maintains a full set of complete automation industry
        solutions and consultation services.

        Construction of Digital Virtual Workshop

        It, with the basis of the relevant data to the product’s life cycle,
        carries out simulation, estimation and optimization for the entire production process
        in the virtual environment of computer, and expands further to the entire life
        cycle of the product.

        Keys-handover System Solution

        It plans and implements the full-set robots automation system solutions for
        the clients. It provides the comprehensive services as the technology
        production adjustment and personnel training services.
        consultation, projects planning, schemes designing, systematic simulation,

        After-sales Service and Talents Cultivation Service

        It has over seven years of experience in schools-enterprises cooperation
        and carried out schools-enterprise cooperation and talents cultivation for ‘the
        intelligent manufacturing of robots’ with over ten schools, assisting with the
        clients to realize the ‘custom-made talents cultivation’.

        Production Line Upgrading


        Assisting with the clients to realize the production line upgrading in
        automation, digitalization, informatization and parameterization
        Successful Cases

        to demonstrate the powerful strengths with examples

        Integration of resources, conspiracy
        the future

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        Contact information

        Company addressNo.8, Yongda Road, Hongqi Town, Jinwan District, Zhuhai City
        版權一切  ?珠海漢迪主動化裝備無限公司 粵ICP 備xxxxxx號-x
        All rights reserved ?Zhuhai HANDI Automatic Equipment Co., Ltd.
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